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Colt Canada does not stop at supplying world class weapon systems to our customers. We have also been providing our customers with a full line of accessories for over 40 years. We have vast experience and expertise accumulated over many years of close interaction with our customers and extensive in-house testing, that allows us to recommend the right accessories for the job.  From sighting systems to suppressors to edged weapons, we can make recommendations that will fit perfectly and not cause unforeseen issues in the future. Our engineers and technicians have met many accessory challenges in the past and if we can’t find what you want, we have the resources to build it here.


Sighting systems and accessories can make all the difference. They can also change the weight and performance of your rifle or carbine. Do not assume that all of these are interchangeable or will be reliable on all weapon platforms. If you are unsure of your needs, please contact our sales team directly to help you find the correct solutions to fit your budget and operational requirements.




  • Sighting Systems
  • MLOK Systems & Accessories
  • Rail Systems
  • Magazines & Related Equipment
  • Cleaning & Associated Equipment
  • Armourer's Tools and Fixtures
  • Training Aids & Equipment
  • Suppression & Flash Eliminators
  • Storage Equipment
  • Slings
  • System Components
  • Miscellaneous Tools & Equipment
  • Edged Tools & Weapons



Our Quality Objectives

  • To prevent non conformance in product, process and strive to achieve zero defects
  • To strive for on time product delivery
  • To provide total customer satisfaction

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